Offshore Vs. Inshore

scene of Egmont Key as we troll by on our 3010 sportcraft
Trolling on our Offshore boat along the coast of Egmont Key

Offshore Fishing

Going offshore on our normal trips means traveling anywhere from 2 to 9 miles. On our new 'Catch and Release' promotional trip we can travel up to 25 miles offshore. Offshore fishing can also mean "deep sea", "open water" and "Gulf of Mexico". For our offshore trips we run our 31ft offshore boat with a maximum capacity of 6 guests. An offshore trips offers beautiful views of open water and the exciting feeling of adventure!
The type of fishing we do for offshore trips usually depend on the season, in spring and fall we usually troll for Migratory Species like Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Tuna and False Albacore. While the boat travels bait and lures are being tailed behind waiting for a bite.
Bottom fishing is another type of fishing which is our go-to if you are not interested in trolling. With this trip you hold a medium weight rod and reel and drop down bait over a reef and wait for a bite. Typical catches are grunts "grey snapper", Black Seabass, Mangrove Snapper, Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Sand Perch, Sea Robins, Porgy, Pufferfish and Sharks. Bottom fishing is more active than trolling but sizes tend to be much smaller near 1lb to 3lbs, this is a perfect trip for children with active rods and a large variety of reef fish.
These are the types of trips we run on our offshore boat with the exception that if your group exceeds 3 people and the weather does not allow for offshore travel and it is approved with you, we will fish in bay water areas (bridges and passes). Although we can't fish flats areas with this vessels since it is so large.

"If you are ready to have a good time, you will have a good time, I'll make sure of it."
Captain Mark

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing has many names like flats, backcountry and bay. Inshore trips are aboard our 20ft inshore boat which has a maximum capacity of five guests. These types of trips stay very close to shore, travel times as low at 10 minutes from the marina (which means more fishing time!). They provide amazing views of mangrove islands or grass marshlands with an gripping sense of discovery
Casting artificial lures is our most popular trip ran inshore. With casting you hold a very light weight rod and reel and toss the lure to areas surrounding the boat and then lightly jerk the rod as you reel it back, finding the perfect speed and rhythm will present the perfect bite for fish. Typical catches are Seatrout, Ladyfish, Flounder and Lizardfish.
Tarpon is the great white whale of the inshore! We do get Tarpon in Tampa Bay, not nearly to the extent of South Florida but they do come through for a short time. When fishing for Tarpon bring your patience, waiting to see where the sliver king will be running is the majority of this trip. Since it's easiest to see them is at dawn and dusk so we can run a particularly early or late trip for this target. We do run special trips for Redfish or Snook upon request, they we will only recommend to experienced anglers as these targets are common escapees.

Charter guest with a Seatrout
Seatrout is one of our inshore catches
About Your Captain
Captain Mark Lyons holding a shark

Mark Lyons

Easy going, laid back and full of stories. Fishing all his life, nation wide and internationally. 14 years as a Professional USCG Captain, 12 years fishing Tampa Bay

Captain mark lyons holding a barracuda

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