Groupon Vouchers

What does the Groupon deal include?

The voucher includes vessel admission and everything required to fish for two guest for 6 hours. Type of fishng and catches depends on season. If you are interested in specific fish, this should be discussed with the captain prior to purchase. Areas fished may run anywhere from the shipping channel in Tampa Bay to 7 miles offshore.

Purchasing the Groupon Voucher

Once you have verified your interested date is available and it is more than two days in advance, you are welcome to purchase the voucher.

Redeeming the Voucher

After purchasing, supply us with the Voucher number to reserve a date. Upon reserving a trip date, your voucher will be redeemed and considered used. We will send you a confirmation link with driving directions and trip information.

Rescheduling or Refunds

All purchases with Groupon are subject to Groupon's policy and the terms of the deal. There are no refunds or rescheduling your date, despite any prevailing circumstances, once a reservation is confirmed. Your voucher will be redeemed and considered used when you reserve the date.

Can guests be added to the Groupon deal?

Guests can be added at a rate of $250 each up to 4 additional guests

Expired Vouchers

After a Voucher expires the amount you paid for the Groupon is now a gift certificate with us that can be applied to any published trip.

If you have other questions please don't hesitate to ask us!


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